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Workout To Finally Hit Your Weight Loss

Weight Loss Workout

Weight loss, a term that is widely used by the majority of people that are looking for a change in body composition.

However, what do people actually mean when they come to us with their problem of ‘wanting to lose weight’?

They invariably mean they want to lose body fat, look in better condition and be healthier. To do that I will always look at these 3 simple steps:


#1 Supplementation usage is clever and effective.

#2 Training frequency is fluent and programming is consistent.

#3 Calorific output is more than the input. I.e. eating less calories than you are burning via exercise.



#1 Supplementation

Supplements are used by A LOT of people, but sometimes not in the correct manner. When using supplements you should always look at what your goal is, in terms of weight loss, we are looking improving ones ability to regulate sugars in the body better, this is called insulin sensitivity.

To improve insulin sensitivity, Omega 3 and L-Carnitine are key to your diet. Carnitine in particular will increase mitochondria’s potential to burn fat. Furthermore, omega 3, is made from fatty acids in which help the body to regulate sugar in the body and reduce risk of diabetes.

Honey Benefits for Weight Loss
Honey Benefits for Weight Loss

#2 Training

When it comes to training I will always programme my clients for 4-6 week period, in which I will expect them to train minimum 4 days per week if they are serious about their goal. Their programme will consist of resistance training and interval work. I will usually keep steady state cardio low or completely out and make sure the client is working effectively throughout the whole workout. The session will usually last for around 45 minutes. Consistency of a programme is VERY important, it will ensure you are able to track what you did in the last session and aim to improve upon it and it will give you a tracking system that is effective and sustainable.

Weight Lifiting Tips
Weight Lifting Tips

#3 Diet

When it comes to your diet, of course ensure you are eating a high protein diet with moderation of carbohydrates. Fats are very important for health and weight loss. I will write in much more detail about the macronutrients, however I am keeping this article simple regarding this. EAT LESS, MOVE MORE. Calorie intake must be lower than what you are burning. For example, if your BMR requires 2500 calories, and you are eating 3000 calories you will continue to put weight on. However if you BMR requires 2500 calories and you are eating 2300 calories, that slight deficit will allow you to lose weight and body fat.

Nutrition Tips
Nutrition Tips

Weekly Training Programme

Monday: Fat Loss Workout 1

Tuesday: Fat Loss Metabolic Conditioning

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Fat Loss Workout 2

Friday: Fat Loss Metabolic Conditioning

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST

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